Do you know who you are?

Are you the same person at home as you are at work? Do you struggle to stay true to your character and personality, just so you can fit in with those around you? Are you afraid to voice out your inner thoughts and voice to those around you?

Do you feel loved?

Do you feel supported?

Do you feel secure?

If the answer to any of these questions was “No,” don’t worry, this is completely normal. Life is a journey of discovery, and many times, we lose sight of who and what our true identity is.

The more important question is,

Are you fully human?

What does it mean to be fully human?

We are on this adventure together, and we want to explore the true meaning of being fully, completely human.

For now though, here’s what we have agreed on as a team.

To be fully known and loved by Him

To be bold and courageous

To be authentic at all times, inside and out

We’ve put together a resources page for you which we update regularly.
This includes our learnings, worksheets, podcasts and articles from various sources that we discover on our journey. Enjoy and be blessed.

Who are you?

Hi! We’re Gillian and Kate, two friends with a heart for God and His people.

We want to spark change, and to be both enablers and catalysts to help ourselves and others to be fully human.

We want to bring authenticity, vulnerability and servant leadership into the marketplace.

We’re here to enable discovery of strengths and personal identity, and to unlock that for your in-built purpose and destiny.

2020 Initiatives

  1. Fully Human Conversations
    Join us every Monday, 9am SGT on Facebook as we share and do life together.

  2. Fully Human Inspirations
    We want to intentionally lift and encourage you as we swim through a sea of noise on Instagram.

  3. Fully Human Strategies
    We work with start-ups, corporates and small to medium businesses on their brand and communications strategies. Authentic story-telling is key, and we focus on our client’s digital touch points and how they can grow their community.

  4. Fully Human Resources
    Articles, podcasts, learnings and worksheets that we either come across or create that has helped us on our journey.